MM Gems & Jewels is an exciting platform for your young girls to discover their passion, set goals and apply what they are learning in school to their daily lives! My team and I will inspire our girls to achieve academically and we will hold each and every girl accountable to meet her goals.

The average student is lacking cultural and social experienced that relate academic success with real world success. The combination of MM Gems & Jewels innovative curriculum, exciting excursions, creative mentoring, social advocacy opportunities and educational opportunities will be life changing.

When you change the attitude and perspective of a group of girls it creates a ripple effect with other children. The Melanie Marie Gems & Jewels Mentor Program experience will ignite positive changes in the lives of our mentors and students.

The program will work with girls from ages 10-18. The way the program will work is the girls will be broken up by age. The Gems will be ages 10-14. The Jewels will be ages 15-18. Each group will have a program catered to their age groups.

Melanie Marie Gems & Jewels programs are called “Rings”. Each ring has been developed to guide our members to further understanding themselves and the world around them. Each ring is facilitated over a 5-month period. Ring sessions are comprised of guided group discussions, travel, creative presentations and projects, facilitated by a trained Gems & Jewels member (aka Diamonds) or a guest speaker.

Melanie Marie Gems & Jewels Terminology
Gems: girls ages 10-14
Jewels: girls ages 15-18
Rings: Gem & Jewels Programs
Diamond: Gems & Jewels Mentors