Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings Repair


Email us a photo of the item that needs repair before placing the order

Sometimes accidents happen! If you happen to pop your chain, we will repair it for you.   After some time, plated items may wear. Perfumes, creams, lotions, and makeup all contain substances that can affect your plated jewelry. Some soaps and detergents are stronger than others. Some tips to help extend the life of your gold plated items:

  1. Put on items after you have applied your perfume.
  2. Avoid rubbing plated items against each other.
  3. Don’t swim in your plated jewelry.
  4. Don’t wear your plated jewelry when you are going to be sweating profusely.
  5. Store your gold plated jewelry in the plastic bag it comes in when you aren’t wearing them.

****Briefly explain what happened to your item in the custom text box****